For more than 25 years RMC Research Corporation has helped clients answer questions critical to their growth and success:

  • How well does our program work?
  • How can we improve educational outcomes for children and adults?
  • What kind of experience do we provide for our audience?
  • How effective are our program services and products?

Good feedback is key to improvement. RMC Research specializes in giving our clients accurate and timely information through research, program evaluation, and technical assistance based on sound, scientific evidence.

Our clients range from large federal education and health programs to small non-profits, from private businesses to foundations. RMC offers evaluation services, professional development and training to improve outcomes, original  products driven by data to inform their target audiences effectively, and logistical support for groups to plan program improvement activities, review results, and chart their next steps.

On a given day, RMC staff members may be delivering a policy brief on effective treatment practices, supporting a team of educators in comprehensive school reform, working with the producer of a new television series to understand its impact on children, facilitating a panel of experts to identify promising technology programs, designing a survey on risk factors in health or education, training educators in literacy skills, or consulting with a foundation on evaluating the effectiveness of its grant-making in the arts.

The RMC offices employ more than 130 professional and support staff members. More than half of our professional staff members hold doctoral degrees in education or related fields; the rest either hold advanced degrees or extensive field experience. Many have been teachers or school administrators, while others come from diverse backgrounds including business, social service, health, program administration, media development, and academia.

Our chief product is information. Our business is helping people learn how to improve their lives, their work, and their world.

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